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Future of Earth: Venus

Posted by yognasticization Friday, June 25, 2010

It is certain that there won’t be any life on earth once the sun gets burnt out and it starts expanding to form a red giant which will end the earth and solar system. This is estimated to happen in five billion years from now on. But that time is very far from us, so we don’t need to panic right now. Besides, the search for another shelter planet is going on with the rapid development in science and technology. The other thing that we should fear is about the changing climate and unpredictable weathers that we have been facing currently. It has certainly been a time to be serious about the preservation of earth and its atmosphere to keep our human kind alive.

People might have misunderstood the definition of climate change when they see some extreme winters and get confused that there is no such thing like global warming. It is well to be taken into account that the extreme winters and extreme summers are a part of climate change.

Leaving the talk about changing Earth, I want to talk about the changed Venus now. The other fact what we have is the planet Venus which is second nearest to the sun (Earth being the third). The composition of our mother planet and Venus planet is exactly the same. The major between the planets is the surface temperature and water percentage. It is believed that there used to be oceans and most probably life too. The water vapour layers can be seen on the surface of Venus which means that there was water on Venus. The other question left hereby is the amount of water. If the amount of water vapour in Venus' atmosphere let condensed to water and puddle onto its surface, it would create a global puddle 3 cm deep. Whereas in case of earth, the water on earth would create a global puddle of 3 km deep. However, this fact has to be corrected taken into account that Venus is losing its water vapour. Some millions years back, it might have more water vapour or even oceans too. Venus Express (group of scientists studying Venus) has confirmed that Venus has lost huge quantity of water into space. Therefore, there is a chance that oceans used to exist in the past.

Now let us see how the water has escaped into the atmosphere which will be interesting for us in Earth. As ultraviolet radiation from the Sun streams into Venus' atmosphere, it breaks up the water molecules into atoms: two hydrogens and one oxygen atom. Such continuous reaction transformed water to oxygen and hydrogen. These gases could easily escape to the atmosphere. This shows us that ultraviolet rays from the sun are the main reason for the loss of water on Venus. As a reason of ozone depletion, the water on the earth could face the same attack. The current surface of Venus is like a hot oven. It could be such that the surface was similar to ours in the past over there. I hope and wish that our earth will never be an hot oven. Let us preserve our earth and let preserve ourselves.

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