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There was an age when communication and transportation was limited which kept us to persue a limited ammount of space on earth. With each slight progress in communication and transportation, our community suddenly elaborated. We started from streeet to street and then town to town and eventually from country to country. With this rapid development in science and technology, we might eventually talk about planet to planet. For example, in the past people used to represent themself saying "I am from blah blah town". Thereafer "I am from that province" and now we talk about I am from this country. It might be such that in the future that we represent our planet and we introduce ourself in other planets/galaxies by saying "I am from earth".
One of the recent progress in technology is the flying bird. It is of no amaze that humans can fly today in the sky like birds with the development in aeronautics. But this recent development is the flying car which is hybrid and is infact a car that can fly in sky.

The concept of flying cars is not a new one. It was preliminarily designed before but the practical one which could be used in real life was not achieved before. Terrafugia company in Oskkosh, USA have designed the rodable aircraft which can roll on the road as well lift on the air. The design is both a rear-wheel drive road vehicle and a light sport aircraft that can cruise at 170 kph (105 mph). Although this technology is still limited to certain class of people, it can be common to ordinary people once the commercialization takes on and production becomes efficient. Besides that, the air certification plays a role in bringing these cars to public as well.

This newly designed flying car may pave the way for future personal transportation. This development will certainly defy the constraints in living. No landscapes can block the cars, no roads need to be paved, no any terrains will resist to move. The range for transportation will increase and the life on earth will be different once these flying cars will start to be on garages of personals.

Let us see what progress and success will this technology achieve in the future.

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